Interactive Digital Bleutooth Pen Stylo

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Bluetooth Red Ball Pen Invisible Wireless Mini Spy Earpiece Covert



Introduction :
It is a real pen that you can write.
This induction Bluetooth pen is designed for wireless connection to a cell phone with a secret wireless invisible earpiece.
It transfers clear mono voice to invisible earpiece wirelessly with a distance up to 50cm
The Inductive Bluetooth Pen has build-in amplifier – you could hear loud voice clearly.
There are plenty of advantages of the Bluetooth pen and the enhanced secret communication function;
It solves the problem of short transmission distance. You can hear clearly in the invisible earpiece and whisper to the partner by the new inductive bluetooth pen.
The ultra compact designed bluetooth pen is build bluetooth module, hearing coil and a rechargeable battery into a small pen.
The bluetooth module offers connection with the mobile phone within 10 meters.
The alternating current from bluetooth module flows through inductive coil. The coil creates a magnetic field and drive receiving coil inside an earpiece within the magnetic field.
No one will discover this inductive bluetooth pen that has a build-in transmitter for the earpiece

Features :
Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid.
Hands-free cell phone communication.
Voice dialing available (need cellphone provider support).
Battery life; 5 hours talking time or 72 hours standby.
Build-in rechargeable battery.
LED light indicator.
Regular ball-pen writing but just have limited ink

How it function :
Put the battery inside the earpiece. Before put the earpiece in your ear, please clean your ear canal.
Turn on the bluetooth pen and then connect the bluetooth pen with the mobile phone
Close the battery case and put the earpiece at your ear.
Make connection with other person that you want to communicate.
Set volume of the phone at maximum for better sound quality.
Use earpiece and bluetooth pen at distance as short as possible

Package Included :
1 x Bluetooth metal pen (red color)
1 x usb charge cable
1 x mini earpiece


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