Invisible Magnetic Earpieces FULL SET With Neckloop

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Invisible magnetic earpieces FULL SET with neckloop, 3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter, external mic



Quality model of the smallest invisible headphone with induction loop powered by three AAA pencil batteries. Due to its size, the handset is completely unobservable. Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone is designed to be entirely concealed in the ear canal. Covert operation for security authority, Public security department , Lottery industry
Super Mini Magnetic spy Earpiece with Integration Amplifier Neckloop & external MIC, Double use Integration Amplifier Neckloop, work fine with any electronic earpiece and magnet.
Compatible with Apple iPhone, Android phones, tablets, Kindle, eReaders…etc, Also support phone call, FM radio, MP3 player, etc
Its very soft and fine cable, is very comfortable to wear and can be easily concealed under clothing. Its magnetic field allows the user total freedom of movement.This set contains 2 pieces of extremely small headphones with a size of 3x2mm.
The package also includes an induction loop, which should be placed as close as possible (ie best on the neck of the person concerned). The induction loop has one output at the bottom end directly on the phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack. There is also a small box for 3 AAA pencil batteries on the loop, which serve as power to the loop. The microphone is not placed directly on the loop, but is placed on a special cable, thanks to which it is possible to place and adjust it much better under the shirt.
We insert the headphones themselves into the drum using a magnetic rod. Using this stick, we also pull the hearing aid out of the ear.

1)Wear earpiece in your Ear canal,
2)Connect with your mobile phone, if isn’t iPhone, need an adapter (include), otherwise No sound or weak sound
3)Wear Neckloop in your neck
Support Two-way Talk and MP3 music, one transmits message with radio, the other wearing an earpiece and inductive loop who also has a radio can hear the message very clear. You can communicate with others freely once network exist when you use mobile phone

Package contents:
– 2 pcs of magnetic earpieces
– Induction loop with AAA battery adapter (AAA batteries are not included) with external mic
– Magnetic stick for handling headphones with 1 pcs 6*6mm High-quality magnet earpiece for faster remove

Main Features:
Wire connection, connect directly with your mobile phone, and MP3 device(LEAVE MESSAGE when you place order)
To earpiece Max 30cm
Work well talk and music, if your mobile phone have.
Voice dialing available (if your mobile phone have)
earpiece Battery: No need battery, work long time as you want.

1)Because no sensor and micro speaker inside, all Magnet super mini Earpiece in the world are low sensitivity, only can use in quiet environment. If you want bigger sound, please choose Electronics Earpiece
2) In addition, for the user who has oily ear Canal we do not recommend using the 10$ mini magnet model, may be difficult to take it out. More questions, please consult your doctor. Thank you
Warning: This item include 1 pcs 6*6 mm and 2 pcs 3*2 or 2*2mm High-quality magnet earpiece, PLEASE CLEAR YOUR EAR CANAL before use mini 3*2 or 2*2mm magnet earpiece. Also we suggest that don’t use mini magnet if you are Oily-Ear-Canal. More questions, please consult your doctor.


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